Christmas Pouch With Sunpita Classic Bikkies


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A dozen Sunpita Classic Bikkies in a muslin pouch with a Christmas tag and bow makes for a fantastic Christmas stocking stuffer. It’s not only a delicious treat but also allergy-friendly one!

Sunpita Classic Bikkies are bite size specialty pastries made with only the finest ingredients packed with flavour and goodness. They are FREE from GLUTEN, EGG, DAIRY, NUTS, PEANUTS, SOY & ANIMAL PRODUCTS so they make for a unique and delicious treat and versatile for a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions.

Emphasizing the quality of ingredients and the uniqueness of the treat adds value to your Christmas gift. People with allergies or dietary restrictions often appreciate finding delicious options tailored to their needs, and our allergy-friendly bikkies provide just that.

Overall, your thoughtful and festive gift idea is likely to be well-received during the Christmas season.



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